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  • HYGGE-ledy piggledy

    If you haven’t heard of HYGGE before, then be prepared for that current penchant for all things Scandi-style to take over your home décor styling. Cosy by name and absolutely cosy by nature, this craze from those crazy Danish-peeps is all about snuggly warmth, indoor lighting and a whole lot of wood for starters.

    Want some inspiration?

    da3ae9a0014b02bb9b27d50e34d559e9 Kilner Jar lights

    The craze for ‘firefly’ type lighting where mini light threads are placed into a jar shows no signs of diminishing. With a definite lean towards vintage and most certainly showing a nod towards the recycled or even upcycled look, these hit the HYGGE brief as they create a warm glow without the need for strong light bulbs.

    2016-10-1915 Personalised Family Jar

    Of course, we say that why not take the look one step further and go personalised in your jar styling. There’s surely nothing more warm and cosy than having the names of your nearest and dearest etched in to your HYGGE theming, letting you be surrounded by light AND unconditional love.

    Wood, wood and more wood


    In Denmark, there’s no such thing as too much wood. Indeed, Scandi-style needs wood to make it happen, and for that matter, so does HYGGE.

    Wood creates that cosy vibe with its connotations of warm, crackling fires. Conjuring up pictures of romantic cuddles on the sofa, sitting around with family and friends making inane yet essential to life conversation, wood just has ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is.

    2016-11-005 Gin and Tonic Chopping Board

    Of course, home décor HYGGE style statements don’t always have to be obvious. This chopping board is happy to hang around in the background but once seen, is never likely to be forgotten. Crank up the cosiness by adding your choice of personalisation and that warm, fuzzy, feeling loved feeling is never far away.

    Good food, good drink, good company!


    HYGGE is very much about feeling cosy in every aspect of your home life. So good times via good food, good drink and good company is very much at the forefront on the concept.

    Of course this is very much in line with the festive Christmas period which is for a lot us, the only time in the year when we spend time to truly relax and enjoy the company of others whilst eating and drinking without the obligatory guilt.

    Make them feel welcome in your home from literally the very first moment that they walk through the door with our personalised slate hanging sign. Sometimes saying it in words is more HYGGE than HYGGE itself.

    collages8-007 Christmas Slate Heart

  • The Penchant for Slate

    Just as in clothing, trends in home decoration and gifting come in waves of popularity.

    In line with this seemingly unstoppable pattern of behaviour, comes the recent penchant for slate. But as shops ensure that their stock can fulfil demand, along with the love of the look comes the inevitable variations in quality, as well as the items that are ‘pseudo-slate’ – in other words, not slate at all.

    So how do you avoid being red-faced as you gift your nearest and dearest your perceived ideal present only to discover the quality is ultimately dubious?

    There really is no substitute for the real deal, and when you consider that the whole process started hundreds of millions of years ago, it is clear to see that you can’t rush perfection. Formed when fine grains of clay formed at the bottom of lakes, rivers and seas, over the years this then became slate, one of the most hard-wearing and finest looking rocks in the natural world.


    Originally used in Wales as a roofing material, slate has been used for a wide variant of purposes over the centuries. The phrase to ‘wipe the slate clean’ originates from the use of slate in schools for writing on, as well as writing with, as the ability to re-use a slate was seen as a more preferable option than paper. And as well as being used for roofing, nowadays its resurgence in popularity means it is a much revered material for flooring, worktops, feature walls and fireplaces. So with its undoubted reputation for excellence, it is the perfect match for any company with a similar dedication to quality.

    Hand engraved in a dedicated Hampshire work shop, luckily Pippins have perfected the art of supreme personalised gifts without having to wait millions of years for the process to occur. By using only the highest quality slate, the weight of the finished product in itself demonstrates the superiority of the material used, then with the finest etching finishing off the look, the result is a personalised gift that is truly built to stand the test of time. Whether a gift is for a birthday, wedding or just a simple ‘thankyou’, it is the attention to finery that will create your enviable reputation for gift giving excellence.

    slate-heart-decorations-001 Personalised Slate Hearts

    Want to start your gift giving dependability with a ‘clean slate’ and blow the slate roof of cheaper imitations, and then it’s time for Pippins.

  • Elderflower Cordial



    • 750ml water
    • 1½ kg white sugar (granulated or caster are best)
    • 1½ unwaxed lemons
    • 15 fresh elderflower heads (washed, with stalks trimmed)
    • 40g citric acid (you can find this from chemists and some homeware stores)


    Place your sugar and water in a large saucepan on a low heat and simmer until the sugar dissolves, stirring when necessary.

    Roughly trim the zest from the lemons using either a knife or potato peeler, and then cut the lemons into thick slices (you'll be using these later).

    Bring your pan to the boil once the sugar has dissolved and the mixture becomes syrup-like, and then turn off the heat.

    Add the elderflower heads to the syrup mixture, followed by the lemon slices, lemon zest and citric acid. Stir well and allow the mixture to infuse for 24 hours in a covered pan.

    Use a colander lined with a clean tea towel over a large bowl to sieve the cordial and get the bits out. Ladle the syrup into the colander on top of the tea towel and wait until all of the mixture has dripped through to the bowl (you can discard the bits left in the tea towel).

    Now you simply need to fill up your bottles. Make sure they're sterilised properly (you can watch our tutorial video to find out how to do this) and use a funnel and a ladle to fill your Kilner bottles.

    Note: Your elderflower cordial will last up to 6 weeks in the fridge.

    Why not personalise your own elderflower cordial Kilner Jar?


  • Personalised Date Night Jar


    Personalised Date Night Kilner Jar

    Is your love-life looking distinctly ‘lack-lustre’?

    Do you love your life partner but have fallen into that trap of not making the effort?

    Date nights are not a new phenomenon in the UK but in line with that stereo-typical British reserve, we still back off a bit when it comes to overtly making the effort. Potentially worried about a knock-back, and a little concerned that others may judge our relationship as a failure, we still see the concept with more of a negative edge than a positive. Continue reading

  • Strawberry & Pimms Jam


    It’s strawberry season AND Wimbledon, so naturally we’ve got 30 boxes of strawberries and 15 bottles of Pimm’s. Now you can make a racket about this amazing ‘Soft-Set’ strawberry & Pimm’s jam…which we LOVE. Puns over, we promise. Continue reading

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